Traveling Colorful Balls

Kevin, Charles, Larry and Alex are in a room that’s about 110 feet long. In front of them are 5 balls which are exactly 100 ft from the exit. The balls are yellow, purple, green, red and blue, respectively. Each man must carry a ball to the exit. After traveling 20 ft a ball will change color twice. The sequence of color changes is always the same: yellow, purple, green, red, and blue.

At 80 ft Kevin’s ball is red.
At 40 ft Larry’s ball is purple.
At 60 ft Charles’ ball is blue
At 100 ft Alex’s ball is purple.

What color ball was left behind?

The remaining ball was blue. Here’s a table of each ball and the color it changes to at 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 ft. Kevin’s started out yellow, Larry’s was green, Charles’ was red and Alex began with a purple ball, leaving blue as the one nobody picked.

  20 ft 40 ft 60 ft 80 ft 100 ft
Yellow Green Blue Purple Red Yellow
Purple Red Yellow Green Blue Purple
Green Blue Purple Red Yellow Green
Red Yellow Green Blue Purple Red
Blue Purple Red Yellow Green Blue
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kudakwashe kwindima says
May 7, 2014 @ 04:28

I really enjoy doing brain teasers especially with friends.They open our mind and widen our understanding…Thank u so much for every effort and energy you always exert…..goodday

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