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Shave Everyday

I can shave everyday but my beard will stay. Who am I?

A barber.

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Today Before Yesterday

I am a rare case where today comes before yesterday. What am I?

A dictionary

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Breaks in the Water

What breaks on the water but never on land?

A wave.

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Life Is Funny

“Life’s funny”, said an old friend when I bumped into him the other day.
“Listen to this, I was born in March, yet I celebrate my birthday in August, and last February I married my mother”.

How is this possible?

He was born in the month of August in a town named March, became a priest and married his widowed mother to her second husband in February (the month).

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Find The Hidden Color

Find the color in each of these sentences.

1. Temper or anger are signs of weakness.
2. The money is for Edward.
3. You’ll find I got it elsewhere.
4. One dancer, I see, is out of step.
5. “I’m a gent and a lady’s man,” he said.

1. orange
2. red
3. indigo
4. cerise (This was a tough one)
5. magenta

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What Comes Next I S I T

What comes next in this series?

I S I T P N A A D L I I Y N ___

The letter A.

There are three separate series

1. Starting with the first letter and taking every third letter you get ITALY.
2. Starting with the second letter and taking every third letter you get SPAIN.
3. Starting with the third letter and taking every third letter you get INDIA.

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Aft to Fore and Fore to Aft

I run fore to aft on one side of a ship and aft to fore on the other. What am I?

The name of the ship.

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B C D E I K O X Series

What other letter fits in the following series

B C D E I K O X ?

The letter H. It completes the list of letters that are vertically symmetrical. In other words, you can fold the top half of the letter over the bottom half and everything lines up.

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A Family of Seven

I’m a family of seven,
Two are bitter and harsh,
Four are twins,
The last is the warmest of all.

What family am I?

The Seven Seas. The first two are bitter and harsh, the north and south ones are the twins, and the Indian Ocean is the warmest of the bunch.

  1. Arctic Ocean
  2. Antarctic Ocean
  3. North Atlantic Ocean
  4. South Atlantic Ocean
  5. North Pacific Ocean
  6. South Pacific Ocean
  7. Indian Ocean
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What Do These Dates Have In Common?

What do these dates have in common?

15 February 1984
2 July 1983
16 December 1983

They all fall in the middle.
15 February was the middle of February (1984 being a leap year).
2 July was the middle day of the year 1983.
And 16 December was the middle of December.

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