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Wait 27 Days Or See It Every Day?

You could wait 27 days or you could see it everyday. What is it?

Please add your guesses in the comments.

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Green You Wear It

What is one word that, when it’s green you eat it and when it’s blue you wear it?

I haven’t figured this out yet.

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The Right Combination of Letters and Values

The letters A through H can be assigned the following values to make all the equations true. Find the right combination of letter values.

Values: 1, 4, 5, 7, 9, 14, 16, 21

C + F = G
A + C = F
B + G = D
B + E = H
D + F = H

A = 1
B = 7
C = 4
D = 16
E = 14
F = 5
G = 9
H = 21

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Finding Rhymes in Categories

Find rhymes for each set of words so the first is a category and the rest are items in the category.

For example, LOYALTY: spring, clean, rinse → ROYALTY: king, queen, prince

1. LOIN: mortar, climb, pickle
2. SQUISH: famine, search, doubt
3. GILDING: radium, Bose, hassle
4. THYME: surgery, girder, scrutiny

1. COIN: quarter, dime, nickel
2. FISH: salmon, perch, trout
3. BUILDING: stadium, mosque, castle
4. CRIME: perjury, murder, mutiny

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Almost Catching Fire

People come and watch, from far away to see
Burning brightly, almost catching fire,
The colder it is the hotter I’ll be.
Then I die.

What am I?

Fall leaves changing colors. “Burning” with bright colors, when it’s cold outside the brighter the colors are.

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I Start Out The Same As Others

I start out the same as others,
Then grow to four legs and four arms,
And two hearts beat inside,
Until the separation.

What am I?

A pregnant woman is like other women, then the baby forms, and then is delivered.

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Leave a Grieving Wife

If you throw me from the window,
I’ll leave a grieving wife.
Bring me back, but in the door and,
You’ll see something giving life.

What am I?

I don’t know the answer yet.

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I Make You See the Beauty of Nature

I make you see the beauty of nature through colors,
My name makes things weigh less
And I have no weight at all.

What am I?

Light. Without light you wouldn’t be able to see anything. And light is made up of all the colors of the rainbow. Adding light to a word can mean it weighs less and light has no mass.

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Another Name for Shiva

My first three is another name for the Hindu god Shiva.
My last four create something to wear.
Together I might use a scythe.

What am I?


Har is another name for Shiva.
A vest is something you wear.
And a harvest might use a scythe.

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A Third As Old

Barry is 67 years old. His daughter is 43. When was she 1/3 as old as him?

31 years ago.

Here’s one way to solve it.

Let x = how many years ago

We get this equation: 67 – x = 3 × (43 – x)

Solving for x gives us 31.

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