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Take Off My Skin

Take off my skin, I won’t cry, but you will. What am I?

An onion.

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Roads Without Cars

Where will you find roads without cars, forests without trees and cities without houses?

On a map.

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PPOD Rebus

What phrase does this represent?


Two peas in a pod.

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Dividing Five Diamonds Equally

How can five people divide a bag of five diamonds equally without cutting them while still leaving one diamond remaining in the sack?

Give four of the lucky folks a diamond each, then give the fifth person the bag with the remaining diamond still inside.

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Buckets of Coins

Which would be worth more, a bucket full of nickels or a half bucket of dimes?

The half bucket of dimes. It might be tempting to say they’d be worth the same, since a nickel is worth half as much as a dime. This would be accurate if they were the same size, but the dime is smaller. Thus more dimes would fit in the same space, resulting in more value for you, you lucky dog.

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Archaeologist Laughed At

An archaeologist publicizes his find, a coin marked 649 BC, but is laughed at by his peers. Why?

No coins were ever marked BC because the BC / AD dating system wasn’t even devised until 525 AD. And it wasn’t widely used until after 800 AD.

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Two Backbones

I have two backbones and thousands of ribs and I stretch across the land. What am I?

Train tracks.

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Why This Particular Order?

Why are these letters grouped in this particular order?

3) CO
4) AIW
8) MN

The letters are grouped by the number of U.S. States beginning with that letter. M and N are tied for each starting eight states.

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What Letter Comes Next?

The letters in this series are ones that don’t begin something. Figure out what that something is, and what letter comes next.

B E J ?

Q. The thing they don’t begin is states in the United States of America. The final three letters in the series are X, Y and Z.

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My Thunder, Lightning and Rain

My thunder comes before the lightning.
My lightning comes before the clouds.
My rain dries all the land it touches.

What am I?

A volcano.

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