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Two Plus Two Equals Four

Each letter represents a different digit. Any digit can be used, but zero can never start a word. Given W = 2 and R = 6, what do the rest of the letters represent?


F = 1
O = 8
R = 6
T = 9
U = 5
W = 2

+ 928
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An Urgent Phone Call

A man was working the night shift when he received an urgent phone call, giving him information that caused him to dash home at breakneck speed.

On bursting into his bedroom quite breathless he found his informant was quite correct. His wife was in bed with someone he had never seen before.

However, far from being angry, he greeted them both with a smile and a few hours later brought them both breakfast in bed.

What is the explanation for this odd behavior?

His wife had just given birth.

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What I Embrace I Destroy

My first two letters say my name.
My last letter asks a question.
What I embrace I destroy.

What am I?

Ivy. IV is pronounced ivy, y is pronounced why and fast growing ivy can smother and kill trees, shrubs and grass.

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I Was Not Born

I was not born, but I am here.
I have no name, but I am given many.
I was made by science and life.

What am I?

A clone.

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I Widen My Jaws

I flex my jaws when you use me,
My only purpose is to damage,
Yet I’m used by small children.

What am I?


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Bought By the Yard

I am bought by the yard but worn by the foot. What am I?

Carpet. Worn is used in the sense of a well-worn item.

(found on r/riddles)

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A Metal Roof and a Glass Wall

I have a metal roof and a glass wall,
I burn and burn but never fall.

What am I?

A lantern.

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A Trail of Silver

If you carried my burden, you would be crushed.
Though not rich, I leave a trail of silver.

What am I?

A snail. They carry their homes on their back, and a house would crush a person (even the tiny houses). And the trail of silver is a bit of a stretch, but it’s the slimy, gooey substance snails leave behind them.

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Wake Up With No Electricity

I can wake you in the morning but I require no electricity or winding.
I can also provide you with a meal, but only once.

What am I?

A rooster. If you did use electricity on your rooster, you would no longer be woken up, but it could provide a finger lickin’ last meal.

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Al and Fred’s Car Wash

Al washes a car in 6 minutes. Fred washes the same car in 8 minutes. How long will it take them to wash the car together?

There isn’t enough information, thus there’s no one, right answer. (As frustrating as that may be)

This is from the TV show Boy Meets World, season 1 episode 12.

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