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Find The Country Names

How many country names can you find in the following statements?

Don’t reach in a crack in the rocks, there might be snakes in there.
While I was on the highway called the Alcan, a daily occurrence was car breakdowns.
The top social class, as defined by many, is the upper-upper.


1. China (reaCH IN A)
2. Canada (alCAN A DAily)
3. Peru (upPER-Upper)

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Aiden and Sofia Buying Candy

Aiden and Sofia were debating a major purchase of candy. They calculated that they could get three bags of jelly beans and two bags of chocolate for 24 cents, which was just under their limit of 25 cents. They found they could also get four bags of chocolate and two bags of jelly beans for the same 24 cents. How much did each bag of candy cost?

Jelly beans are 6 cents and chocolate is 3 cents.

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Teams Assembling Bikes

If 6 bike makers can assemble 9 bikes in a day and a half, how many of them would it take to assemble 270 bikes in 30 days?

9. Each bike maker can assemble one bike a day.

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Noah, Emma and the Ice Cream Truck

Noah and Emma, track stars with superb hearing, ran as fast as they could to catch up to the ice cream truck in the next town over. They averaged 6 miles per hour, then rested to enjoy their ice cream. They averaged 4 miles per hour over the same distance on the way back. Not counting the time they rested, what was their average speed?

4.8 miles per hour. 5 mph is tempting, but incorrect. Pick any distance, say 12 miles there and 12 miles back. They take two hours to cover the first 12 miles and three hours to cover the return trip. In 5 hours they covered 24 miles which is an overall average of 4.8 miles per hour.

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Oh, Oh, Oh, No

What number do the three letters O, H and N represent in order to make this addition problem correct?

OH +

O = 2
H = 3
N = 9

23 +
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Kneel In The Kayak

Kneel in the kayak grasping the boat, but don’t wrench the bullion or scowl at the chart. Behind the taped and sealed planter is a benevolent collier. The foxglove is in the bath.

Name the 19 creatures in the above sentence.

1. Eel
2. Yak
3. Asp
4. Boa
5. Wren
6. Bull
7. Lion
8. Cow
9. Owl
10. Hart
11. Hind
12. Ape
13. Seal
14. Ant
15. Vole
16. Collie
17. Fox
18. Ox
19. Bat

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A Vowel-less Proverb


This is a well known proverb that has had all of its vowels removed. In addition, the letters have been broken up into groups of four while maintaining their correct order.

What is the proverb?

A fool and his money are soon parted.

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What Toby Likes

Toby likes indigo but not red. He likes onions but not turnips. He likes forms but not shapes.

According to the same rule, does he like tomatoes or avocados?

Toby only likes words that start with prepositions, like his name. Thus he likes tomatoes, not avocados.

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Lillian’s Shower

Lillian gets in the shower, but her long, flowing hair is not wet when she gets out again. How is this possible?

She didn’t turn the water on, she wore a shower cap or it was a baby shower.

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Blast Paper Box Bank

Here are two groups of words.

A. blast, paper, box, bank
B. juice, bag, cradle, carpet

Which word from Group B belongs with the words from Group A?

Bag. All of the words in group A can begin with the word sand.

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