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Passing Second in a Race

If you are running in a race and pass the person in second place, what position are you in?

Second place. If you guessed first place, the person in first place is still there. But I’m sure you’re catching up.

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What Can You Add to One To Make It Go Away?

What can you add to one to make it go away?

The letter g. Then it’s gone.

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What 5-letter word does this represent?

Water. Or literally, H to O, which sounds the same as H2O.

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Subtracting Ten From A Hundred

How many times can you subtract 10 from 100?

Only once. The next time you’d be subtracting 10 from 90.

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Special Two Letter Combinations

What do these three letter combinations have in common?


Hint: These combinations don’t have it in common.


They are the only three US state abbreviations whose two letters are next to each other in the alphabet.

DE – Delaware
HI – Hawaii
MN – Minnesota

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What is the First Number of the Sequence?

If a number in a numeric sequence is 17 and the second number is 3, what is the first number?

I hesitated to add this because it’s poorly worded, ambiguous and the answer could be almost anything. I prefer teasers with a single answer, but there you go.

If you came up with a different answer and can explain how you did it, don’t think you’re wrong. It’s probably just as valid. Feel free to share yours in the comments.

My answer for the first number is 2.

Here’s how I got it.

The generic rule for a number in the sequence is: 2^(n – 1) + 1, where n is the position in the sequence.

Note: The teaser doesn’t specify the position of 17. In this case, it’s fifth.

Position 1: (so n = 1) is 2^(1 – 1) + 1 = 2

Position 2: 2^(2 – 1) + 1 = 3

Position 3: 2^(3 – 1) + 1 = 5

Position 4: 2^(4 – 1) + 1 = 9

Position 5: 2^(5 – 1) + 1 = 17

For the curious, the next 5 numbers of the sequence would be:

Position 6: 2^(6 – 1) + 1 = 33

Position 7: 2^(7 – 1) + 1 = 65

Position 8: 2^(8 – 1) + 1 = 129

Position 9: 2^(9 – 1) + 1 = 257

Position 10: 2^(10 – 1) + 1 = 513

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The Answer Isn’t 6

What goes in place of the question mark?

1 3 5
2 4 ?

(It’s not 6)

R. It’s a representation of a stick shift, where 1-5 are gears and R represents reverse.

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Turd Station

At Coney Island (the amusement park in Ohio) over Memorial Day weekend I saw a changing station in the men’s bathroom. A clever fellow had scraped off some letters to make the changing station read, “Turd Station”. What was the original name of the changing station?

sTURDy Station2, by Rubbermaid.

Here’s a picture of one without the letters scratched out.


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Least Sleepy Month

In what month do people sleep the least?

February, because there are fewer days.

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What Are The Next Three Numbers in the Series?

What are the next three numbers in this series?


Each number is surrounded by a prime number.

4 – 3 and 5 are prime
6 – 5 and 7 are prime

The next three numbers after 108 that have primes before and after them are:

138, 150 and 180.

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