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A Special Group of Words

These words all fall into a special group. Your challenge is to nominate one of the words below and determine why it fits into the special group.


Choose the word that also falls into the above group



Each of these words forms a different word when the last letter is moved to the front.

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A Special Something Shared

The numbers 3, 7, 8, 40, 50 and 60 all share something that no other whole number does. What is it?

When spelled out in English they each have exactly five letters.

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Rude Otto

Hannah, Otto, Todd and Eve were walking down the street. Suddenly Otto rudely told Todd he was an outsider and didn’t belong. What made Todd different?

Todd is not a palindrome.

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Days Before August 17th

How many days before August 17th is it, if fifty days ago, it was four times as many days since March 30th?

18 days or July 30th.

17 August – 18 days = 30 July.
30 July – 50 days = 10 June.
10 June – 30 March = 72 days, which equals 4 × 18.

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Just Two Letters

Using just two letters, fill in the blank letters below to make five English words. The letters are not always in the same order and the same letter may of course be used more than once. What are the words?

1. _ N T _ I N _
2. V I _ _ _ R
3. _ H _ _ L
4. _ _ _ K
5. _ _ _

The two letters are E and W. They make the following words

5. EWE

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Two Halves And a Whole

Complete the three missing words in the sentence, with the first two words combining to form the third word.

For example:

The prime minister ____ the meeting, even though the ____ was technically the ____ official.
The three missing words would be RAN, KING, and RANKING.

Now solve this one:

When she broke her ____ showing off at the ____ of the ski run, Arya became a ____ among her friends.


When she broke her LEG showing off at the END of the ski run, Arya became a LEGEND among her friends.

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The Longest Pregnancy

A baby was born four years after its parents died in a car crash. How was this possible?

Amazingly, this actually happened. The parents died in a crash crash and their parents fought for the rights to the four frozen embryos left by their late children. After a surrogate pregnancy, the baby was born with DNA matching their deceased parents.

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Weighty Wine

How much does a bottle of wine weigh if it is 1 kilogram plus half its own weight?

2 kg.

If we let half of the bottle’s weight be “n”, then we get the following equation: n/2 + 1kg = n (the bottle’s weight).

Solve for n:
n/2 + 1 = n
1 = n/2
2 = n

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Alternating Empties

Six glasses are all in a row in front of you, the first three are full of grape juice and the last three are empty. Moving only one glass, how can you make all six alternate between full and empty?

Pour the contents of the second glass into the fifth glass.

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The Mysterious 6th Floor Window

A man was looking through a window on the 6th floor, opened it, thought for a minute then jumped, passing through the open window, but he was not injured. How was this possible?

He was a window washer and he was entering the building.

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