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The Empty Pocket

How can your pants pocket be empty but still have something in it?

It has a hole. The hole is the thing (although it could be argued a pocket has air, darkness or dust and so on).

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Sharing Apples

How do you share 15 apples evenly with 16 people?

Make applesauce.

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By Odin’s Beard

Some came from the Sun and Moon,
Others from Thor and his hammer are hewn,

By Odin’s beard, and Frigg and Tiw,
The last is Saturn, from which we grew.

What are we?

They are the origins of the names of each day of the week.

Sunday – Sun day.
Monday – Moon day.
Tuesday – Tiw’s or Týr’s day, the god of single combat, son of Odin.
Wednesday – Woden’s or Odin’s day, god of poetry and of the dead.
Thursday – Thor’s day, god of thunder, son of Odin.
Friday – Frigg’s day, goddess of the clouds, wife of Odin.
Saturday – Saturn’s day, god of fertility and agriculture.

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How Are These Countries Ordered?

How are these countries ordered?

1. Canada
2. Indonesia
3. Russia
4. Philippines
5. Japan
6. Australia
7. Norway
8. United States
9. New Zealand
10. China

By kilometers of coastline (according to the CIA World Factbook).

1. Canada – 202,080 km / 125,567 mi
2. Indonesia – 54,716 km / 33,998 mi
3. Russia – 37,653 km / 23,396 mi
4. Philippines – 36,289 km / 22548 mi
5. Japan – 29,751 km / 18,486 mi
6. Australia – 25,760 km / 16,006 mi
7. Norway – 25,148 km / 15,626 mi
8. United States – 19,924 km / 12,380 mi
9. New Zealand – 15,134 km / 9403 mi
10. China – 14,500 km / 9009 mi

Note: Greenland has 44,087 km of coastline but it is not yet a fully independent country.

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What’s So Funny Ethel?

Merle was checking out at the grocery store. Ethel, a friendly cashier, said the total was $63.59. He gave her a $100 bill and she began laughing as she counted out his change. Then she gave him a high five and Merle left the store chuckling.

What was so funny?

The amount of change was $36.41, which meant Ethel handed Merle one of everything in her drawer:

$20 bill
$10 bill
$5 bill
$1 bill
A quarter
A dime
A nickel
A cent

Good ol’ Ethel.

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Passing Second in a Race

If you are running in a race and pass the person in second place, what position are you in?

Second place. If you guessed first place, the person in first place is still there. But I’m sure you’re catching up.

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What Can You Add to One To Make It Go Away?

What can you add to one to make it go away?

The letter g. Then it’s gone.

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What 5-letter word does this represent?

Water. Or literally, H to O, which sounds the same as H2O.

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Subtracting Ten From A Hundred

How many times can you subtract 10 from 100?

Only once. The next time you’d be subtracting 10 from 90.

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Special Two Letter Combinations

What do these three letter combinations have in common?


Hint: These combinations don’t have it in common.


They are the only three US state abbreviations whose two letters are next to each other in the alphabet.

DE – Delaware
HI – Hawaii
MN – Minnesota

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