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Rodents and Owls

Find the two palindromes described below. (A palindrome is a word or phrase that’s spelled the same backwards as forwards, such as Was it a bat I saw?)
Question asked by a person afraid of rodents:

___ __ _ ___ _ ___

Said by an owl on a muggy day:

___ ___ __ ____

Was it a rat I saw?
Too hot to hoot

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A Fruity Series

What is the next letter in this fruity series?

a a a p p ?


The series consists of the letters of papaya in alphabetical order.

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A C F H K ?

What is the next letter in this sequence and why? A C F H K _

M. Skip 1 letter then 2 letters, alternating.

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How Old Is Amir?

Amir has three children. One is the same age as the first number in his age, another is the same age as the second number in his age, and the third is the same age as the sum of the two numbers in his age. None of the children are the same age and the total of everyone’s ages is 45. How old is Amir?

27. His children are 2, 7, and 9.

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A Big Family Photo

A family photo has the following:
1 grandfather, 1 grandmother
2 fathers, 2 mothers
6 children, 4 grandchildren
2 brothers, 2 sisters
3 sons, 3 daughters
1 father-in-law, 1 mother-in-law
1 daughter-in-law

It could show 29 different people, but what is the smallest number of people if could have?

Eight. 4 children, their mother and father and one set of grandparents.

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Fred’s Packing Job

Fred was almost done packing for the day, with five packages left. Unfortunately, Fred dropped the labels and had no idea which label went to which package. What is the probability that Fred managed to correctly label exactly four of the five packages?

Zero. If Fred had correctly labeled four packages, the fifth label would belong to the fifth package and all packages would be correctly labeled. Therefore it is impossible to mislabel exactly four packages.

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Three Letter Word Completion

What three letter word can complete the below words?


Ark, which produces: bark, dark, market, parking, shark.

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Rearrange the letters of each word in this phrase to form a well-known saying.


Well begun is half done.

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A Big Pizza Pie

To get the most pizza, should you order two 12″ pizzas or one 18″ pie?

One 18″, with ~255 sumptuous square inches. Two 12″ pizzas would only give you ~226 square inches.

Note: The area of a circle is = πr2.

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Rope Around The Earth

If a piece of rope was tightly wrapped around the earth and you added 3 feet to its length, how high could you uniformly raise it from the earth’s surface?

Just short of 6 inches.

Thanks to Nigel Coldwell for this one.

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