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A Treasure to Many

A necessity to some, a treasure to many,
I’m best enjoyed among pleasant company.
Some like me hot, some like me cold.
Some prefer mild, some like me bold.

What am I?


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I Come in the Form of a Question

I come in the form of a question. If you don’t know the answers, you will think a lot, but when you know or you are being told the answer it sounds simple that you will think everybody can easily know.

A riddle or brain teaser.

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Hot My Entire Life

I have been hot my entire life. Put me in water or in a freezer for days and I will still be hot. My red color should tell you but don’t be deceived, even when I’m green, I’m still hot. What am I?

A red or green laser. Red and green pepper also works.

Technically, the laser beam itself isn’t hot, but lasers can heat up what they’re shining on.

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Aft to Fore and Fore to Aft

I run fore to aft on one side of a ship and aft to fore on the other. What am I?

The name of the ship.

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A Family of Seven

I’m a family of seven,
Two are bitter and harsh,
Four are twins,
The last is the warmest of all.

What family am I?

The Seven Seas. The first two are bitter and harsh, the north and south ones are the twins, and the Indian Ocean is the warmest of the bunch.

  1. Arctic Ocean
  2. Antarctic Ocean
  3. North Atlantic Ocean
  4. South Atlantic Ocean
  5. North Pacific Ocean
  6. South Pacific Ocean
  7. Indian Ocean
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I Can Kill People

I can kill people, or cause great pain.
You eat me.
I can mean you’re crazy.
I hold things together.
I help climbers stay safe.
I can replace a swear.
And I’m on a violin.

What am I?


People with nut allergies can die from eating nuts. Being hit in the nuts hurts (I speak from experience. Painful, painful experience). You eat nuts (unless you’re allergic, in which case you should run away). If someone says you’re nuts, it doesn’t mean you’re a peanut or an almond. Nuts and bolts hold things together. A climber’s nut or chock wedges into a rock. Instead of swearing, you can say, “Aww nuts!”. And finally, the nut on a violin is a small piece of hard material that supports the strings.

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Ancient Arabic

I’m Arabic, but if you speak English, you probably use me every day.

What am I?

The Arabic numerals, 1, 2, 3, etc.

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I Am Worthless

I am worthless, yet when added to others I add worth.
I confounded the ancient Greeks, yet I changed men’s understanding.

What am I?

0 (Zero).

Zero is nothing, yet when you add zeroes to a number like 1, it becomes 10, 100 or 1,000.

The ancient Greeks did not have a name for zero and did not use a placeholder. They seemed unsure about the status of zero as a number, philosophizing about how nothing could be something. Once zero was added, it allowed for more mathematical understanding.

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Made of Five Letters and Seven Letters

I’m made out of five letters,
And I’m made out of seven letters;
I have keys but I don’t have locks,
I’m concerned with time, but not with clocks.

What am I?

A piano. The word piano has five letters, and the scale on the piano is A through G, seven letters. The piano keys don’t have locks and playing piano requires you to keep time (but with a metronome, not a clock).

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I Tell You When to Start

I tell you when to start,
Or remind if you forget.

I smash others to break them apart,
But I’m pushed by another of me.

What am I?

Cue. A cue tells you when to start, or if you forget your lines in a play. A cue ball is used to break at the beginning of a game of pool and the cue stick is used to push the cue ball on the break.

Another interesting tidbit is that cue is how you spell the letter q if you’re writing it out.

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