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A One Letter Change

At my start I last a mere eleven days,
But change one letter and I’m over 31 years.

What am I?

One million seconds (about 11 1/2 days).

Change the “m” to a “b” to get one billion seconds (about 31.7 years).

It’s rather surprising that a million seconds and a billion seconds differ by such a large duration.

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A Monstrosity

I stand tall and am made of steel,
With baguettes and garlic at my heel.

The hunchback’s house could see my head,
I’m more well known than a certain bread.

I love the colors red, white and blue,
But maybe not as much as you.

I’m a marvel for all to see,
Though to some I am a monstrosity.

What am I?

The Eiffel Tower

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I Can Ruin a Lucky Run

I can ruin a lucky run,
Or create an item of wealth,
But for man, woman or child,
I’ll always steal your health.

What am I?

Die. The roll of a die can ruin a game of chance. A die (i.e. mold) is used to create new coins and so far at least, we all die.

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Mystical Rock Group

What rock group has four men that don’t sing?

Mount Rushmore.

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Important Rebus

What does this represent?


Equally important.

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An Ancient Invention

What ancient invention allows people to see through walls?

A window.

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Its Own Past Tense

What common verb becomes its own past tense by rearranging its letters?

Eat (ate).

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None There’ll Be

There is a word of letters three,
Add one letter to it and none there’ll be.

What is the word?

One. Add an ‘n’ to get none.

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Alone I’m Unknown

Alone I’m unknown,
With my twin I’m twenty,
And triplets make me a warning.

What am I?

The letter ‘X’. A single x is often used in math as an unknown, along with Mr. X. Two together (XX) make the Roman numeral 20, and three signifies a warning for adult only content, or a warning to other programmers of a problem in source code.

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I Sleep By Day

I sleep by day, I fly by night. I have no feathers to aid my flight. What am I?

A bat.

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