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The Peace Maker Weapon

What weapon is also a peace maker?

Note: Think homonyms

A knife. It turns things into pieces.

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What Binds These?

What word binds all of these together?



Cat burglar
Fat cat
Copy cat
Let the cat out of the bag
Cat nap

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You Hold My Tail

You hold my tail while I fish for you. What am I?

A fishing net.

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Seeds on the Outside

What fruit has seeds on the outside?

A strawberry.

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I Can Cry Without Eyes

I can cry but I have no eyes.
I can fly but I have no wings.
Wherever I go, darkness follows me.

What am I?

A cloud. Crying is rain, they fly in the sky and darkness follows because they block the sun.

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Into the House Through the Keyhole

What always comes into the house through the keyhole?

The key.

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Six Faces But No Arms

I have six faces but no arms, and twenty one eyes but I can’t see.

What am I?

A die. There six sides (or faces) and twenty one pips.

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Ever Rising Then Gone Away

Ever rising then gone away,
I send messages or help some pray,
I’ll make you cry, but flavor meat,
But If I’m heavy, use your feet.

What am I?

Smoke. It rises then slowly dissipates in the air. Smoke signals send messages and incense is used in religious ceremonies. Anyone who’s sat at a bonfire knows smoke in your eyes can make you cry when the wind changes direction. Smoked meats are a tasty treat, but if you see heavy smoke (i.e. from a fire) then run. Or stop drop and roll if the fire already caught you.

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I Won’t Break If Thrown

I won’t break if thrown from the highest building, but I will break if placed in the ocean. What am I?


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Liquid In Nature

I am liquid in nature,
But don’t bend me to far,
For then I may break
And give you a scar.

What am I?

Glass. Technically, glass is an amorphous solid, but that doesn’t have the same ring to it.

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