Flowers, Families and Streets

Five kinds of flowers grow in separate gardens on five different streets. Here is what you know:

1. The Smiths do not grow violets.
2. The Morgans grow peonies and do not live on 2nd street.
3. The Parks live on 3rd street.
4. Begonias bloom on 4th street.
5. Roses do not grow on 5th street.
6. The Johnsons do not live on 1st street.
7. The Rosens do not grow daffodils
8. The Johnsons grow roses
9. Daffodils grow on 1st street

Which flowers grow on in whose gardens on what streets?

1st street: Smiths, daffodils.
2nd street: Johnsons, roses.
3rd street: Parks, violets
4th street: Rosens, begonias
5th street: Morgans, peonies.

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2 Comments on "Flowers, Families and Streets"

Alexis says
March 7, 2015 @ 12:37

This was done incorrectly, how can Smith live on the first street if Parks, Johnsons and Rosens do not live on the 1st street and Morgans do not live in the second street? Morgans by default would have to live on the 1st street so it made all of your answers wrong. Try again :)

Dan says
March 9, 2015 @ 12:26

@Alexis Interesting. If Morgans aren’t on 2nd and Parks, Johnsons and Rosens aren’t on 1st, that means Morgans have to be on 1st? Try your logic again. The answer is correct. :)

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