Don’t Get a Goat

On a game show there are three closed doors – one hides a car and the other two conceal a goat. The contestant selects a door, which remains closed, and the host, knowing where the car is hidden, reveals a goat behind one of the remaining two doors. The contestant is then given the option to switch doors or stay with the one they originally selected. What should the contestant do to have the best chance of winning the car?

The contestant should switch doors, which doubles the chance of winning the car. Initially there is a 2/3 chance of picking a goat, but once the other goat is revealed, switching to remaining door gives the contestant a better chance of winning the car. This is known as the Monty Hall Problem and can be very unintuitive.

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Me says
December 18, 2016 @ 14:15

pick a door and switch

Initially, you have a 33% chance to pick a car and a 66% chance to pick a goat.
When he reveals a goat, if you picked a goat door, you now would switch to the car with still a 66% chance
If it was set up with a goat in 1, a goat in 2, and a car in 3. you pick door 1 and so door two is opened and you switch to a car. if you pick door 2, door one is opened and you switch to a car. If you pick 3, either one or two is opened and switching gets you a goat. Sorry :(
If you pick the car first then you get a goat

also if I didn’t help the confused try this video:

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