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Leaves That Don’t Fall

I have wood but no bark,
And leaves that don’t fall,
I am made up of branches,
and come in sizes of all.

I am completely devoured many times,
over and over by a worm of a kind.
If you want to know the answer of mine,
look for the secret that I’ve stored inside.

What am I?

A library or bookstore.

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Walk On the Living

Walk on the living, they don’t even mumble,
Walk on the dead, they mutter and grumble.

What are they?

Leaves. They’re soft and silent when they’re alive but crunchy when dead.

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A Word of Weather

Find this eight-letter word.

The first four letters are a variation of the weather.
The third through seventh letters give support but also could used when someone is executed.
And the last three letters forms the name of a person.

What’s the word?


Mist = Variation of weather.
Stake = a tent stake or when someone is burned at the stake.
Ken = a person’s name.

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Longer With a Letter Removed

What 7-letter word becomes longer when you remove a letter?

Lounger (remove the ‘u’ to make the word longer).

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A Woman in a Boat

There is a woman in a boat, on a lake, wearing a coat.
If you want to know her name, it’s in the riddle I just wrote.

What’s the woman’s name?

“There” is the woman’s name.

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I Cannot Speak

I cannot speak but I have great knowledge,
I’m not a tree but I have leaves.
I have hinges but I am neither a door nor a window.

What am I?

A book.

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Soft and Transparent

I am soft and transparent.
I am so small that I can sit on your finger.
I have no light but I help you to see the beautiful world.

What am I?

A contact lens.

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I Can Sound a Gong

I’m in bowling and baseball,
For better or for worse,
On a match (but not the sporting kind),
I can sound a gong,
And I’m gone.

What am I?


A strike in bowling is good. In baseball it’s good for the pitcher but not for the batter. You can strike a match to light it. When the clock strikes one a gong sounds and when you strike a paragraph, it’s gone.

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I Have Wings But Cannot Fly

I have wings but cannot fly.
I can do the twist but can’t move around.
People enjoy relaxing in my company.

What am I?

A ceiling fan.

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A Tasty Fruit

I am a tasty fruit that provides you with healthy nutrients. I can also be found on a calendar. What am I?

A date.

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