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One In China

I am one in China,
Two in Indonesia,
Three in the Philippines,
None in Japan.

What am I?

The letter ‘i’.

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Broken Before Use

I am broken before you use me,
I brighten your day until I die.

What am I?

Glow sticks that you have to break to start glowing, then they fade out (die).

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Hide in Daylight But Prefer the Sun

I hide in the daylight but prefer the sun,
I have no fingers but can hold a gun,
I have three eyes but cannot see,
I live on land but in a tree,
I’m spotted in pink and cannot grow,
When you look away is when I show.

What am I?

Hint: There’s a different answer for each line

This riddle is a compilation of several riddles. The answers for each line are as follows:

1. Shadow
2. Holster
3. Traffic light
4. Bird
5. The letter ‘i’
6. Your side profile

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Son of Water

You eat something you neither plant nor plow.
It is the son of water, but if water touches it, it dies.

Salt. It comes from saltwater but salt melts ice (the solid form of water).

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Two Handsome Racers

Two handsome racers are having a race.
One keeps lapping the other and the race never ends.

What am I?

A clock.

By Sef Daystrom

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I Climb Higher When Hot

I climb higher when hot,
But beware my rage,
I’ll kill with a breath,
If I can escape my cage.

Mercury. It rises when encased in a thermometer when it’s hot and mercury poisoning results from inhaling mercury.

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Jump When I Walk

I jump when I walk and sit when I stand. What am I?

A kangaroo.

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An Insect And a Half

I am an insect. Half of my name is another insect. What am I?

Beetle. (Bee is the other insect).

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I Run Up The Stairs

I run up and down the stairs without moving. What am I?

A rug.

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Coat Best Put On Wet

What kind of coat is best put on wet?

A coat of paint.

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