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Harvest Though No Grain

I harvest you, though you’ve no grain,
I reap you in the wind and rain,
You bleed not but your soft meat
And nectar makes a sweetest treat.
What am I?

A clam or oyster. You harvest clams or oysters on the beach or go diving, and the beach is often windy and rainy. Neither bleeds but are known for having, soft, slimy meat, and people often drink the “clam nectar” or “oyster juice”.

Thanks to Helena for this submission

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All In White, A Fossil

All in white, a fossil,
fresh snow, a loan, the sky,
But just what am I?

A bride (something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue).

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I Am And Yet Cannot

I am and yet cannot,
I’m an idea, yet can rot,
I’m two but none,
On land but on sea.

What am I?

A paradox / pair of docks.

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MT Rebus



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Part Of The Bird

The part of the bird
that is not in the sky,
which can swim in the ocean
and always stay dry.

What is it?

The bird’s shadow.

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CASE Rebus


Open and closed case.

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A Creature, Part Man

This creature, part man and part tree,
hates the termite as much as the flea.
His tracks do not match,
and his limbs may detach,
but he’s not a strange creature to see.

What is it?

A man with a wooden leg.

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I Generate Fear But Am Quiet As A Mouse

I can generate fear and some say I come out of your ears. I’m quiet as a mouse but not welcomed in the house.


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PINE Rebus


Pine cone (pine in the shape of a cone).

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Enjoyed By Some, Despised By Others

I am enjoyed by some, despised by others. Some take me for granted, some treasure me like a gift. I last forever, unless you break me first.


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