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Longest Word Without Repeating Letters

What is the longest word without any repeated letters?

Uncopyrightable, with 15 letters and not a single one repeated. Dermatoglyphics, the study of fingerprints, works too.

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The Longest Double Letter Word

What is the longest unscientific English word that uses every letter in the word exactly twice? For example, noon has two Ns and two Os, but it’s not nearly long enough.

Happenchance. There are two Hs, two As, and so on for all the letters in the word. The longest scientific word with the same property is probably esophagographers.

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What is the Highest Number Without the Letter N?

What is the highest regular counting number that is spelled without the use of the letter “N”? (No Googleplex or Graham’s number)

Eighty-eight. From then on, they all have the letter “N”.

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What Is The Longest Word With Horizontal Symmetry

A word with horizontal symmetry is one whose letters are a mirror image of themselves. If you drew a horizontal line across the word and folded it over, it would overlap on itself. For example, EXCEEDED and ICEBOX have horizontal symmetry, but VERTICAL and SIMPLE do not.

What is the longest word with horizontal symmetry?


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Longest Words With Letters in Alphabetical Order

What is the longest, non-scientific word to have all of its letters in alphabetical order?


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Only Self-Enumerating Number

What is the only self-enumerating number in English?

Four. The number four has four letters, making it self-enumerating. Interestingly, there are no self-enumerating numbers in French.

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What Has Feet But No Legs?

What has feet but no legs?

A snail or a yard stick. A snail’s foot is a muscle that allows it to move, and a yardstick has 3 feet on it.

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Robbers Took Everything They Could

Two robbers took everything they could get their hands on. A police officer saw it but did nothing to stop them. Why?

It was Halloween. The robbers and police officer were all kids dressed up in costume, and all they took was candy.

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I Used to Be The Light of Your Life

I used to be the light of your life,
I’d keep you warm while I cried,
Now I’m forgotten and tossed away.

What am I?

A candle. They used to be a primary source of light, and to a lesser extent heat. The “crying” is the wax rolling down the candle.

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Favorite Pet is a Fish

I died and came back to life. My blood is not easily able to go through my body. My favorite pet is a fish. Who am I?

A shark. Sharks experience tonic immobility, also known as apparent death, where they appear to have died. Blood does not easily flow through their bodies, forcing sharks to swim continuously to circulate their blood. Lastly, sharks have pet fish called Remora (sometimes called suckerfish). They feed on parasites on the sharks and leftovers, and they use the shark as transport and protection.

A big thanks to Saravana for answering this.

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