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Augustus’ Candy

Augustus loves candy and much to his delight, his three favorites are on sale. One each of gum, chocolate and caramel cost 40 cents. A caramel is over three times the price of gum. Six gums are worth more than chocolate. A caramel plus two gums cost less than chocolate. What is the price of each candy?

Gum = 4 cents
Chocolate = 23 cents
Caramel = 13 cents

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I Am And Yet Cannot

I am and yet cannot,
I’m an idea, yet can rot,
I’m two but none,
On land but on sea.

What am I?

A paradox / pair of docks.

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Maya’s Stamps Errand

Maya’s mother asked her to buy some stamps. The available stamps were 3 cents, 9 cents, 11 cents, 17 cents and 21 cents. Her mother asked her to buy eight each of three stamps and nine of each of the remaining two stamps. Unfortunately, Maya forgot which stamps she was supposed to buy eight and nine of. Luckily, her mother had given her $5, the exact amount required to buy the stamps. Which stamps did she buy?

Eight of the 11 cent, 17 cent and 21 cent stamps and nine of the 3 cent and 9 cent stamps.

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MT Rebus



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Alphabetized Letters

What well known series can these alphabetized letters be rearranged to form?


Alpha, beta, gamma, delta

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Part Of The Bird

The part of the bird
that is not in the sky,
which can swim in the ocean
and always stay dry.

What is it?

The bird’s shadow.

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CASE Rebus


Open and closed case.

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Square Root Equations

Arrange the digits 1 through 9 into an equation so that the first number is the square root of the second number. (Two possible variations)

5672 = 321,489


8542 = 729,316

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A Creature, Part Man

This creature, part man and part tree,
hates the termite as much as the flea.
His tracks do not match,
and his limbs may detach,
but he’s not a strange creature to see.

What is it?

A man with a wooden leg.

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Letter Missing From a Series

What letter is missing from this series?

The letter E. The series contains all of the letters that rhyme with bee (apologies to any English speakers who pronounce Z as zed instead of zee if this confused you).

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