Has Wings But Cannot Fly

What has wings but can not fly.
Is enclosed, but can outside also lie.
Can open itself up or close itself away.
Is the place of kings and queens,
And doggerel of every means.
What is it upon which I stand,
Which can lead us to different lands?

A stage.

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What Everleigh Likes

Everleigh likes knights but not batteries, writing but not typing and to listen but not to sing. Does she like an unknown or a famous author?

Unknown. Everleigh likes words with silent letters.

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Pitching On The Merry-Go-Round

Everly and I were playing on the merry-go-round at the local park. It was very large and we stood on opposite sides. As we spun the merry-go-round counter-clockwise, I threw a ball to Everly. Did the ball go to Everly, to the right or left of them?

Since the merry-go-round had moved while the ball was traveling to Everly the ball went to the right of them.

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The Train and the Tunnel

A train is a half mile long and is about to enter a 10 mile tunnel. If the train is traveling at 35mph, how long will it take for the entire train to make it through the tunnel, from the front of the train entering to the end of the train leaving the tunnel?

18 minutes.

Length of the train: 0.5 miles
Length of the tunnel: 10 miles
Total distance: 0.5 + 10 = 10.5 miles

Time = 10.5 miles / 35 mph = 0.3 hours = 18 minutes

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Up A Hill

Up a hill,
Down a hill,
Over them I may roam,
But after all my walking,
There’s no place like my own.

Your home.

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A Laugh A Cry

A laugh, a cry,
A moan, a sigh.

What am I?


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Fly In The Ear

One evening a man is walking home from work and an insect flies into his ear. He tries to pry it out but it doesn’t work. Shaking his head isn’t successful either. Finally he managed to get it out. How did he do it?

As soon as he got home, he shined a flashlight close to his ear and the insect, attracted by the light, flew toward it.

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Ethan’s Grand Night Out

Ethan was going for a night out but his key fob battery had died and the button wouldn’t unlock his car door. How was he able to get in?

He used the key embedded in the key fob.

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Little Cat’s Feet

It comes in on little cat’s feet,
Is neither sour, nor sweet.
Hovers in the air,
And then is not there.

Fog or mist

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Special Strengths

What’s special about the word “strengths”?

It has a record nine letters but only one vowel, and it’s one of the longest one-syllable words in English.

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