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Turning the Years Upside Down

What years from the 1900s and 1800s are the same year when read upside down?

1961 and 1881.

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I Have Hundreds of Legs

I have hundreds of legs but I can only lean,
You make me feel dirty so you can feel clean.

What am I?

A broom.

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The Websters’ Busy Day

Mr. and Mrs. Webster were on a holiday shopping excursion. On their way to the car after leaving the store, Mr. Webster complained he was tired from carrying so many packages. Mrs. Webster, the kindly thing that she was, replied, “Quit your complaining Walter! If you gave me just one of your packages, I’d have twice as many as you. And if I gave you one of mine, we’d have the same.”

How many packages were Mr. and Mrs. Webster each carrying?

Bonus question: How long was it before Mr. Webster told Mrs. Webster to stuff it?

Mrs. Webster was carrying 7 packages and poor old Mr. Webster was laden with 5.

And as for the bonus question, I don’t know for sure, but with a sour puss like that around, it couldn’t have been long.

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Scrambled Animals

Using each of the letters in this phrase only once, rearrange the letters to make the names of exactly three different animals.

Tall elephant or ape man.

1. Panther
2. Antelope
3. Llama

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From There to Here

I can travel from there to here by disappearing, and here to there by reappearing.

What am I?

The letter “t”.

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She Was Never There

Emily’s celebration was a success.
Except nobody invited her.

She was at the celebration but was never really there.

How could this be?

Emily passed away and it was a celebration of her life. Of course you don’t invite the deceased. Her body was in the casket, but Emily the person wasn’t there.

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A One Letter Change

At my start I last a mere eleven days,
But change one letter and I’m over 31 years.

What am I?

One million seconds (about 11 1/2 days).

Change the “m” to a “b” to get one billion seconds (about 31.7 years).

It’s rather surprising that a million seconds and a billion seconds differ by such a large duration.

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Alfred’s Tough Cash Request

Alfred is at the bank to cash his $200 check. He tells the cashier he would like some one dollar bills, ten times as many two dollar bills and the rest in fives.

How many of each denomination does the cashier need to give Alfred?

Five $1 bills, 50 $2 bills and 19 $5 bills.

We know that in order to give the rest of the amount in fives, the sum of the one and two dollar bills needs to be divisible by five (i.e. end in 0 or 5).

If we start with a single one dollar bill, we’d need ten two dollar bills to satisfy the request, making $21. But we need a sum that is divisible by 5. So we keep going up, like so:

$1 + $2 * 10 = $21
$2 + $2 * 20 = $42
$3 + $2 * 30 = $63
$4 + $2 * 40 = $84
$5 + $2 * 50 = $105 (Aha! It’s divisible by 5)
$6 + $2 * 60 = $126
$7 + $2 * 70 = $147
$8 + $2 * 80 = $168
$9 + $2 * 90 = $189

So the only option that works is 5 $1 bills and 50 $2 bills, leaving $95 (95 / 5 = 19) to be paid out in 19 fives.

Alfred is one tough customer.

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Fill in the Missing Element

Here is a series of numbers:

16 06 68 88 ___ 98

What belongs in the blank spot?

87 is the common answer to this, but it has to be flipped upside down, so I consider L8 more correct.

If you flip the numbers horizontally by 180 degrees:

86 87 88 89 90 91

You see that the blank spot is 87, counting from 86 to 91. However, you need to flip it around, so it becomes L8.

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A Monstrosity

I stand tall and am made of steel,
With baguettes and garlic at my heel.

The hunchback’s house could see my head,
I’m more well known than a certain bread.

I love the colors red, white and blue,
But maybe not as much as you.

I’m a marvel for all to see,
Though to some I am a monstrosity.

What am I?

The Eiffel Tower

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