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One Hundred With Six Identical Digits

How can you express the number 100 using the same digit six times?

99 + 99/99 = 100

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Painting a Bigger Room

A painter needed 3 days to paint a room. How long would it take him, working at the same rate, to paint a room twice as long and twice as wide?

12 days because the walls would be four times as big as the first room.

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The Odd One Out

Which is the odd one out and why?

A. Cassius
B. Cassia
C. Casca

B. Cassia is a tropical tree; Cassius and Casca were conspirators against Julius Caesar.

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Which Are True and Which Are False?

A. When a car is driven forwards the wheels rotate counter-clockwise.
B. If a clock is put forward 1 1/4 hours the minute hand moves through 450°
C. When a clock reads 4.10 the acute angle between the hands is exactly 60°

A. False – The near-side wheels rotate counter-clockwise, but the far-side wheels rotate clockwise.
B. True
C. False – The acute angle is a little more than 60° because by the time the minute hand reaches 10, the hour hand will have moved slightly past the 4.

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I Climb Higher When Hot

I climb higher when hot,
But beware my rage,
I’ll kill with a breath,
If I can escape my cage.

Mercury. It rises when encased in a thermometer when it’s hot and mercury poisoning results from inhaling mercury.

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Jump When I Walk

I jump when I walk and sit when I stand. What am I?

A kangaroo.

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An Insect And a Half

I am an insect. Half of my name is another insect. What am I?

Beetle. (Bee is the other insect).

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I Run Up The Stairs

I run up and down the stairs without moving. What am I?

A rug.

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Coat Best Put On Wet

What kind of coat is best put on wet?

A coat of paint.

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Dark As Midnight

What is dark as midnight but is still night?
The word has 7 letters, starts with a B and ends with an E.


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