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A Woman in a Boat

There is a woman in a boat, on a lake, wearing a coat.
If you want to know her name, it’s in the riddle I just wrote.

What’s the woman’s name?

“There” is the woman’s name.

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When Is The Equation Correct?

When is the following equation correct?

14 + 1 = 3

When dealing with 24-hour time, 1400 hours plus 1 hour is 1500 hours, also known as 3 o’clock.

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Rearrange My Letters To Be Clean

Rearrange these letters into something you can clean with.


soap (by flipping the b upside down, similar to how IHOP became IHOb)

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I Cannot Speak

I cannot speak but I have great knowledge,
I’m not a tree but I have leaves.
I have hinges but I am neither a door nor a window.

What am I?

A book.

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Rebellious Randall

You’re waiting to board your flight at the airport with 99 other passengers, each with an assigned seat. All but one of the passengers will gladly sit in their designated seat. The only exception is Randall, a scoundrel who refuses to follow the rules. When he boards, he will choose a random, unoccupied seat.

If a rule-following passenger finds someone in their spot, they will choose another one at a random from the remaining unoccupied seats.

What is the probability that the last person to board the plane will sit in their proper seat?

The randomness stops as soon as someone else sits in Randall’s assigned seat. The chances of this happening range from 1 out of 99 to 1 out of 1 (when only one seat remains).

Thus, the probability of the last person sitting in their own seat can be calculated as 1/99 plus the sum of 2 to 98 of the formula 1 / n × (n + 1), which works out to 0.5, or 50%.

So there’s a 50% chance the last passenger will sit in their own seat thanks to Randall for screwing up order and procedure when boarding an aircraft.

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Soft and Transparent

I am soft and transparent.
I am so small that I can sit on your finger.
I have no light but I help you to see the beautiful world.

What am I?

A contact lens.

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I Can Sound a Gong

I’m in bowling and baseball,
For better or for worse,
On a match (but not the sporting kind),
I can sound a gong,
And I’m gone.

What am I?


A strike in bowling is good. In baseball it’s good for the pitcher but not for the batter. You can strike a match to light it. When the clock strikes one a gong sounds and when you strike a paragraph, it’s gone.

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I Have Wings But Cannot Fly

I have wings but cannot fly.
I can do the twist but can’t move around.
People enjoy relaxing in my company.

What am I?

A ceiling fan.

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A Tasty Fruit

I am a tasty fruit that provides you with healthy nutrients. I can also be found on a calendar. What am I?

A date.

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The Tortoise, Onion and Tomato

What is three-eighths tortoise, two-fifths onion and two-sixths tomato?


3/8 tortoise = TOR (the first three letters)
2/5 onion = ON (the first two letters)
2/6 tomato = TO (the first two letters)

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