Alphonso and Sadie

Alphonso and his sister Sadie are entering the airport to meet their mother when Sadie gasps in surprise and says to her brother, “You see that man in the crowd over there?”

Alphonso replies, “It’s Bernie. I don’t believe it. Let’s go introduce ourselves.”

Neither of them had ever met Bernie before. They’d never seen a picture or painting of him, nor was he a famous celebrity.

How was this possible?

Alphonso was born as a twin, but he was separated from his twin brother at birth. Bernie is Alphonso’s identical twin, which is how Sadie was able to recognize him in the crowd.

This is kind of a cheat, because there are probably other possible explanations. But we can’t have everything :)

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3 Comments on "Alphonso and Sadie"

Kouwpee says
December 14, 2016 @ 09:36

Bernie is their new father and he was talking to their mother?

Okidoki says
December 16, 2020 @ 14:11

How did they know his name?

Dan says
December 17, 2020 @ 11:08

That’s an excellent question. Perhaps his parents told him he had a twin brother named Bernie?

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