Words With Many Faces

My letters become three faces,
One has gone to far away places,
Another sets a standard high,
The third can never be a guy.

What are the three words?

Sailed, ideals and ladies.

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1 Comment on "Words With Many Faces"

Nicole says
July 22, 2021 @ 23:10

This one is dumb.
1) ‘Sailed’ has not ‘gone to far away places.’ It’s a means of going to such places.
2) ‘Ideals’ don’t ‘set a standard high’; they are the high standard. And even if they did, the verb needs to match the noun (should be ‘set’ not ‘sets’)
3) The answer to ‘The third can never be a guy’ could be ‘lady’. But for ‘ladies’ to be the answer it’d have to say ‘the third can never be guys (or a group of guys).’

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