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I Met An Old Man On London Bridge

I met an old man on London bridge,
As the sun set on the ridge,
He tipped his hat and drew his name,
And cheated at the guessing game.

What was the man’s name?

Andrew. In the third line, “and drew his name”. It works better when you say it.

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1 Comment on "I Met An Old Man On London Bridge"

ayesha says
May 23, 2014 @ 07:25

Oh I know it is andrew because in third line “and drew his name”.I donot know i am genious or not but in games class if anybody give a riddle teacher only say to me that what is answer odten my answer is correct and nobody’s answer is correct.why I am intelligent all the people say to me that I am intelligent.being intelligent is so bad I wish to be a little fool that everybody make my fun

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