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Five Letters But One Left When Two Removed

What word of five letters has only one left when two letters are removed?

Any 5-letter word with the word ‘one’ somewhere in it. Examples include shone, stone, alone, money, loner, phone or ornery. Note it doesn’t say there is only one letter left, but only ‘one’ left. Tricky tricky.

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10 Comments on "Five Letters But One Left When Two Removed"

John says
March 5, 2014 @ 18:06

You put the answer down as ornery? As it can’t be as the question states 5 letters not 6 and take 2 away leaving the word one? Please understand doesn’t matter that the word one is not in order but it does need to be a 5 letter word.

Dan says
March 5, 2014 @ 23:09

Ack! You’re absolutely right. Thanks for catching that.

James says
October 3, 2014 @ 11:23


Zina Siryon says
July 21, 2015 @ 03:55

The answer is many u can take Phone,if u take away the first 2 letters which is ph u remain with one,also the same as stone or alone.Thanks.

Boeu Diandrei Alfonso says
November 12, 2016 @ 18:09

Three it has five letters and three minus two equals one

Alta says
November 19, 2016 @ 20:12

It is stone

Oslo says
June 23, 2018 @ 14:51

Boeu Diandrei Alfonso
It says two letters not two

Blue Lucero says
November 15, 2018 @ 03:07


ABBY says
May 28, 2020 @ 13:51

i don’t get it!!

Scott says
August 13, 2020 @ 16:47

Another alternative but from a different angle is queue.

Take away two letters, u and e, and only one remains (the q). completely different take on the problem, but still a valid result.

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