At Birth It Can’t Start Nor By Death Is It Ended

More precious than gold, but cannot be bought,
Can never be sold, only earned if it’s sought,
If it is broken it can still can be mended,
At birth it can’t start nor by death is it ended.

Friendship. It is more precious than gold to have a genuine friend, and true friendship cannot be bought or sold, only earned. When a friendship is broken it can be fixed and infants aren’t able to make friends until they’re older, but death can’t end it. Love doesn’t work as an answer because a friendship requires two people to interact, while parents love their children as soon as they’re born.

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9 Comments on "At Birth It Can’t Start Nor By Death Is It Ended"

Jacklyn Huynh says
May 30, 2014 @ 17:48


Alexis says
June 6, 2014 @ 22:37

I would have said respect. We respect the deceased for their accomplishments long after they are gone, but babies, no matter how cute, can’t do much to earn respect.

Sam says
November 2, 2015 @ 16:34

friendship; it makes SOOOO… much sense

Yay says
February 5, 2016 @ 22:53

I think love is in friendship so it should be love you love your friend as a friend

Harlow says
May 25, 2016 @ 19:22

Yeah I said love

Noah says
June 5, 2016 @ 00:44

I guessed trust

Takima A says
July 5, 2016 @ 17:29

I guessed trust but friendship makes sense.

Anonymous says
August 5, 2016 @ 08:11

Me and my granddad are always riddeling eachothor and i think this is a wonderfull site (i guessed trust)

Noreen says
October 20, 2018 @ 15:29

“History” repeats itself over and over till you get it right. No death can erase history. And each birth comes with lessons.

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