Buckets of Coins

Which would be worth more, a bucket full of nickels or a half bucket of dimes?

The half bucket of dimes. It might be tempting to say they’d be worth the same, since a nickel is worth half as much as a dime. This would be accurate if they were the same size, but the dime is smaller. Thus more dimes would fit in the same space, resulting in more value for you, you lucky dog.

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Kevin says
September 14, 2018 @ 10:53

The word “bucket” makes the answer incorrect. This would be better-worded as “jar” or “cylinder.”

The two ends of a bucket are unequal in circumference; A smaller circumference on bottom and a larger circumference on top. Filling it halfway with dimes would still leave most of the space above it unfilled.

So without knowing the dimensions of the bucket, there’s not enough information to answer the question.

Actually... says
August 27, 2020 @ 00:36

It’s a half bucket. So, half a bucket. Let’s say your bucket carries a litre of water. A half bucket of water, if it is really a half, is half a litre. Sorry, Kevin, but the official answer is right.

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