The 500 Mile Race

Mike, Jimmy, Nader, Kevin, and Larry were the top five finishers in the regional 500-mile race. They drove yellow, orange, green, red and blue cars but not necessarily in that order.

Neither Kevin nor Larry drove the green car.
Kevin finished faster than Mike and Larry.
The blue car finished earlier than Larry’s and Nader’s car.
The yellow car finished faster than the green car and the orange car.
Mike’s and Larry’s car finished ahead of the orange car.
Jimmy’s car finished before the blue and the yellow car.

Who drove what color car and what place did each driver finish?

1st – Jimmy, red car
2nd – Kevin, blue car
3rd – Larry, yellow car
4th – Mike, green car
5th – Nader, orange car

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January 23, 2018 @ 20:30

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