Walks on Graves at Night

This walks on graves at night yet in homes during the day,
Men are scared of it, women like it, children play with it,
It lives on dates and salt,
It is covered in hair,
Its name starts with ‘M’ and it is mentioned in the Quran.

What is it?

Most species of moths are nocturnal, yet they are attracted to light and can be found in homes. Men, in the most generic sense, can be scared of moths (see Mottephobia) as well as the damage they can cause as pests to bee hives, grain, flour, trees and agriculture. Women like moths because of the silk they produce. Children frequently chase and play with moths. Moths are attracted to salt and love to eat rotting fruit (such as dates). Some species of moths are densely covered with tiny hairs and of course it starts with the letter ‘m’. Lastly, moths are mentioned in the Quran (101:4 (Asad) [It will occur] on the Day when men will be like moths swarming in confusion)

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