The Next Animal in the Series

What animal comes next in the series?

Giraffe Elephant Tiger Snake Gnu Oryx Anoa ___________

A. Chipmunk
B. Gorilla
C. Yak
D. Tomcat

D. Tomcat

The number of letters of each animal corresponds to the number of the letters in each month. And the first letters spell “Gets Goat”.

January / Giraffe = 7 letters
February / Elephant = 8 letters
March / Tiger = 5 letters
April / Snake = 5 letters
May / Gnu = 3 letters
June / Oryx = 4 letters
July / Anoa = 4 letters
August / Tomcat = 6 letters

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Anonymous says
November 28, 2019 @ 22:57

I already suspected it would be tomcat when I saw the first letter of each word

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