Kevin’s School Supplies

Kevin brings his school supplies to the counter. The cashier rings up his purchase for a total of $1.70. Kevin is puzzled, and says, “I bought 2 pencils at 2 cents each, 5 pencils at 4 cents each and 8 notebooks and 12 sheets of colored paper. I don’t remember the prices of the latter two, but the total can’t be $1.70.”

How did Kevin know?

Because 4 cents, 20 cents, 8 notebooks and 12 sheets of colored paper are all divisible by 4, but 170 cents isn’t.

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2 Comments on "Kevin’s School Supplies"

joe low blow says
November 18, 2015 @ 15:33

what about tax bruh?

yellow potato says
June 1, 2018 @ 13:11

shhhhh dont tell him

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