Groups of Creatures

These are names given to groups of creatures or things, but they have been scrambled. What is the correct arrangement?

Colony of Birds
Horde of Spiders
Den of Wild Pigs
Clutter of Crows
Nest of Snakes
Park of Elks
Doylt of Ferrets
Gang of Machine Guns
Business of Swine
Volery of Artillery
Hover of Gnats
Drift of Frogs

Colony of Frogs
Horde of Gnats
Den of Snakes
Clutter of Spiders
Nest of Machine Guns
Park of Artillery
Doylt of Swine
Gang of Elks
Business of Ferrets
Volery of Birds
Hover of Crows
Drift of Wild Pigs

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2 Comments on "Groups of Creatures"

Mark W says
November 27, 2017 @ 02:45

The collective term for crows is: ‘a MURDER of crows’.

With that term missing from your list, the whole puzzle collapses!

Thomas William Georgeson says
December 22, 2020 @ 00:39

The only one I kniw of these is ‘business of ferrets’, which is not to be confused with a ‘fesnyng of ferrets’.

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