Girls Like, Boys Use

What 8-letter word describes something girls like, boys use and parents are afraid of yet remember fondly?

Hint: It has these letters: macroitn

Romantic. Many girls like being romantic, boys become romantic to win the hearts of girls and parents are afraid of too much romantic activity with their kids, but remember their own romantic endeavors fondly.

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Babe says
April 29, 2020 @ 22:19

Talent iruntha answer panunga ok:
1–Brother ku raki katuvanga ,
2–Friend ku friendship band katuvanga,
3–wife ku thali katuvanga
4–lover ku Ena katuvanga?

Answer : 6letter
_ R_B_U

Small tips
1 Itha boys use panuvanga
2 Itha girls like panuvanga
3 Itha parent hate panuvanga

What is the answer???

Dustin says
November 21, 2021 @ 10:09

I need to know the answers for all of these, please! Really bothering me.

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