Shared Birthdays

In 2012 a class was divided into 2 groups. Their assignment was to find the names of at least 3 children who were born on the same day from 5 different months of 2011. These were the results:

Group 1
August 20: Oliver, William, and Adam.
January 3: John, Alice, and Ken.
September 7: Bruce, Shane, and Peter.
June 11: April, Patrick, and Bobby.
July 19: Trent, Julie, and Charles.

Group 2
March 1: Karl, Willie, and Patty.
February 29: Blake, Kobe, and Wayne.
December 24: Kyle, Chad, and Zoe.
May 12: Matthew, Manny, and Adrian.
November 20: Greg, Fiona, and Elizabeth.

The members of group 2 got an F on the assignment. Why?

Group 2 failed because 2011 wasn’t a leap year, meaning there was no February 29th.

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3 Comments on "Shared Birthdays"

fivebee says
November 8, 2015 @ 19:52

Couldn’t any student born on 2/29
have their birthdays on 2/28?

Bonnie says
February 13, 2016 @ 16:21

Fivebee, they are researching children who were born in the year 2011. No one could have been born on Feb. 29, 2011. They were not talking about their classmates- although that was a little confusing, admittedly.

Lol says
June 17, 2017 @ 00:01

Bcoa of that February 29?

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