Ex-Spouse’s Former Daughter-In-Law

What do you call your ex-spouse’s former daughter-in-law’s first husband’s daughter?

You can call them whatever you want, but they have no familial relationship to you.

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marty says
July 7, 2020 @ 17:15

What if ex-spouse’s former daughter-in-law’s first husband, was your son then the daughter would be your grandchild, correct?

Bailey says
April 23, 2021 @ 02:53

It could be multiple things but the way simplest way I see it is this:

You and your ex’s son was previously married to the former daughter-in-law, making it your granddaughter.

Same as above but your son shared no blood with your ex, just a stepparent.

The first husband is your son, she is your ex’s daughter in-law because she is married to his former stepson (your son), but because you and your ex aren’t together anymore it’s your ex’s former daughter-in-law. So the daughter is your granddaughter.

Your and ex’s child was married to the former daughter-in-law, but not as her first husband, making the daughter no relation to you, unless your son adopted her, then it’s your adoptive granddaughter.

Same as above but your child shares no blood with your ex, they were only a stepparent.

Your child, ex’s former stepson is married to daughter-in-law as her first spouse, child is your granddaughter.

Same as all the above options except the husband was your spouse’s and you were the stepparent.

So options are:
Your & Ex’s granddaughter,
Your granddaughter & Ex’s former step GD, Your former step granddaughter, & Ex’ GD,
Your adoptive granddaughter,
Your child’s former stepchild,
Your son’s current stepdaughter,
Your former stepchild’s stepdaughter.

I think I got them all 🤔

Dan says
July 28, 2021 @ 02:18

Your granddaughter.

Your ex-spouse’s former daughter-in-law is (or could be) your daughter. You daughter’s first husband’s daughter is (or could be) your daughter’s daughter, which is your granddaughter.

Dan says
July 28, 2021 @ 02:20

Wait, nope – the first sentence in my explanation isn’t true. A daughter-in-law is someone who married into a family, so by definition they’re not related to your ex-spouse.

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