Twice Four and Twenty Blackbirds

Twice four and twenty blackbirds sitting in the rain.
I shot and killed a quarter of them. How many do remain?

After shooting a quarter of the birds, the rest would fly off, so the remaining birds, brutally shot by you, would be:

(2 × (4 + 20)) / 4 = 12

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Thad says
January 31, 2021 @ 11:23

Aside from being a trick because nowhere did it say you shot them with a single shotgun blast (could’ve been quietly with a sling shot one at a time) the math is wrong. Twice four AND twenty is 28 not 48.
for example when Abraham Lincoln said four score and seven he was saying 87, not 108

so the answer is 7, not 12. Even though it was a trick

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