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From Standard to Sequence

Starting with the word STANDARD, how can you take away two letters and add three digits to make a logical sequence?

Remove the two A’s, leaving: ST ND RD
Add 1, 2, 3 to produce: 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

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How Can Four Be Half of Five?

How can the number 4 be half of FIVE?

Beginning with FIVE, take away the F and E (half of the letters), leaving IV, which is the Roman numeral for four.

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Penny, Cork and A Bottle

Given a corked bottle with only a penny inside, how can you remove the penny without pulling out the cork, breaking the bottle and leaving the cork intact?

Push the cork into the bottle, then shake the penny out.

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Snakes and Mice

On a remote (imaginary) island, there are 11 snakes and a single mouse. As you’d expect, snakes eat the mice. But contrary to what you’d expect, when a snake eats a mouse, it turns into one.

The snakes live by only two rules:

1. Don’t get eaten.
2. Eat mice as long as rule #1 isn’t violated.

How many snakes and mice will there be left on the island?

10 snakes, 1 mouse.

If there were only a single snake and mouse, the snake could eat the mouse, then turn into one, leaving a single mouse.

If there were two snakes and a single mouse, rule 2 would keep either of the snakes from eating the mouse to avoid being eaten themselves.

With three snakes and one mouse, one of the snakes could eat a mouse and be safe as a mouse thanks to rule 2.

This pattern continues. With an even number of snakes, nothing happens. With an odd number of snakes, one snake can eat the mouse.

Thus, with 11 snakes, one snake would eat the mouse, turn into one and leave 10 snakes and 1 mouse.

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4 Is Cosmic

1 is 3,
3 is 5,
5 is 4,
4 is cosmic.

What is 6? And what is meant by cosmic?

6 is 3 of course. Because six has three letters.

One = three letters
Three = five letters
Five = four letters
Four = four letters

Cosmic is a number that has the same number of letters as the value. Four is the only number I’m aware of that has this property.

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The Roast with the Most

How do you spell roast?
How do you spell most?
How do you spell coast?
How do you spell post?

What do you put into a toaster?

Bread. (It turns into toast when it’s done toasting).

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Turn Nine Into Six

Here is the Roman numeral for nine: IX

By adding only one line or symbol, how can you turn it into six?


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Fix This Roman Numeral Equation

This Roman numeral equation is wrong, but you can fix it without changing any of the elements of the equation. How is this possible?

I + XI = X

Look at it upside down. Instead of changing the equation, you can change your perspective.

This is from Dan Brown’s novel, Origin.

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Cornelius and the Flat Tire

Cornelius got a flat tire on a miserable, rainy day. As he was changing it on the side of the road, he placed the four lug nuts in the overturned hub cap. As our dear friend was moving back to put on the spare, he accidentally bumped the hub cap. He watched helplessly as all four lug nuts rolled into a deep sewer and were whisked away. Then our friend had a brilliant solution and within minutes was driving safely away.

What was his solution?

He removed one lug nut from each of the other 3 tires and used them to secure the spare tire, then drove to a tire shop.

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A Real Life Emergency

Mary was out riding a frisky pony in a meadow by the sea when the bridle came loose. The animal shook it off and started to gallop full speed toward the ocean, paying no attention to Mary’s yelling to slow down. She couldn’t bear to jump off and lose her beloved pony, so she stayed on and hoped for the best. When the cliff loomed ahead of her, she knew she had to stop the pony. How did she do it?

Mary clapped her hands tightly over the animal’s eyes, causing it to stop.

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