Special Strengths

What’s special about the word “strengths”?

It has a record nine letters but only one vowel, and it’s one of the longest one-syllable words in English.

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Willow’s Broken Keyboard

Willow’s keyboard is acting up. The a, e, i, o and u keys don’t work and the space key is misbehaving as well. Can you decipher these common sayings they typed?


Out of sight, out of mind
Actions speak louder than words
Honesty is the best policy
Easy come, easy go

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Walking Through Paper

You have a regular sized piece of paper. How could you cut a hole in it large enough for you to walk through?

Fold the paper in half and make cuts that are almost entirely across the width of the paper. Switch between sides. When the paper is opened there will be a very large hole that you can climb through (carefully).

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Twice Is 99 More Than Half

What number satisfies this requirement? Twice the number is 99 more than half of the number.


2 × 66 = 132 and 132 – 66 / 2 = 99.

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Reflecting on Time

When a clock’s reflection is 2:30, what is the correct time?


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Rodents and Owls

Find the two palindromes described below. (A palindrome is a word or phrase that’s spelled the same backwards as forwards, such as Was it a bat I saw?)
Question asked by a person afraid of rodents:

___ __ _ ___ _ ___

Said by an owl on a muggy day:

___ ___ __ ____

Was it a rat I saw?
Too hot to hoot

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A Fruity Series

What is the next letter in this fruity series?

a a a p p ?


The series consists of the letters of papaya in alphabetical order.

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A C F H K ?

What is the next letter in this sequence and why? A C F H K _

M. Skip 1 letter then 2 letters, alternating.

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How Old Is Amir?

Amir has three children. One is the same age as the first number in his age, another is the same age as the second number in his age, and the third is the same age as the sum of the two numbers in his age. None of the children are the same age and the total of everyone’s ages is 45. How old is Amir?

27. His children are 2, 7, and 9.

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A Big Family Photo

A family photo has the following:
1 grandfather, 1 grandmother
2 fathers, 2 mothers
6 children, 4 grandchildren
2 brothers, 2 sisters
3 sons, 3 daughters
1 father-in-law, 1 mother-in-law
1 daughter-in-law

It could show 29 different people, but what is the smallest number of people if could have?

Eight. 4 children, their mother and father and one set of grandparents.

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