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Longest AIOTS word

What is the longest word you can find using only the letters AIOTS (each letter can be used any number of times)?

Tattooists, which has 10 letters.

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Dragon Lewis

Rearrange the letters in this phrase to make a single word.


A SINGLE WORD. Tricky, eh? But you can’t complain, since I gave you the answer.

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Fewest Queens For Full Attack

What is the smallest number of queens required on a chess board to attack all squares?

5. To see where they need to be placed, check out the diagram on Wolfram’s Queens Problem page.

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$500 For Basketball

500 people attended a high school basketball game and raised $500 for the school.

The prices were as follows:
Mothers $3.00
Fathers: $2.00
Children $0.48

More mothers than fathers turned up. How many children were there?

375 children (70 mothers and 55 fathers)

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Letters, Letters, What Comes Next?

What letter comes next letter in this series?

A E F H I ___

K. It’s the series of capital letters without curves in alphabetical order.

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Hidden Animals

How many animals can you find in this story?

“Scram, you can’t catch me!” yelled the thief. While running to escape, his shirt skewered a box of nails. He ripped free, but skidded to a stop as he passed a policeman. He tried to run again, then cowered in fright. Crime doesn’t pay.

I found thirteen, listed in the order they’re found.

1. ram
2. ant
3. cat
4. ape
5. ewe
6. ox
7. kid
8. ass
9. man
10. nag
11. hen
12. cow
13. doe

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Horse Fence

Farmer Finnegan needs to build a fence to keep his horses on his property. He only has a little over 1.5 miles of fence materials, but there’s also a mile-long straight river running through his property. What shape should he use for the fenced in area to give his horses the most space possible?

Our dear friend Finnegan should build a half-circle fence with the river as the diameter, giving the horses about 0.4 square miles to frolic and play in.

Area of semi-circle = πr2 / 2 = π × .5 miles2 / 2 = 0.3927

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Scrambled Auctioned

What are two other words (anagrams) that can be made from the letters in “auctioned”?

1. Cautioned
2. Education

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2, 3, 6

What number comes next in this series?

2 3 6 7 1 9 4 5 ___

8. The numbers are in reverse alphabetical order.

Two, three, six, seven, one, nine, four, five, eight.

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The Beggar’s Brother

A beggar’s brother went out to sea and drowned.
But the drowned man had no brother.
What was the relationship between the man who drowned and the beggar?

The beggar was his sister.

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