What’s The Captain’s Name?

I was standing by a railing,
watching a ship a sailing.
What is the Captain’s name.
If you don’t know his name,
It’s you to blame.
What is the Captain’s name.

“What” is the name of the Captain.

Thanks to Sherry for submitting this one. Here’s the backstory of the riddle.

“One of my favorites I remember as a child from my father, he always said it was a Newfoundland riddle. I don’t know where it may have originated. This is usually spoken. Ensure you say it as a statement and not a question.”

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3 Comments on "What’s The Captain’s Name?"

Alice says
October 26, 2017 @ 15:19


mattyboi says
March 28, 2019 @ 23:09

[SPOILER] The Captains name is What. It is a play on words since it states “what is the captain’s name”

The Kat in The Hat says
October 25, 2019 @ 15:45


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