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It Scares Animals

A seven letter word that has T as the second letter, A as the fourth letter and S as the sixth letter. Girls love it, boys use it, parents hate it and it scares animals. Hint: It’s a German word.

A persistent puzzle solver will discover that no English word satisfies the letter requirements, to say nothing of the loving, using, hating or being scared requirements. I found three German words that work:

1) strafst
2) strapse
3) strauss

1 and 3 mean punish and bouquet respectively. I couldn’t find a definition for strapse. Punish is the likely answer. Girls love to punish boys, boys use punishment as well, a good parent hates to use punishment and animals are scared of it. I don’t know of any animals that are scared of a bouquet, though a bouquet fits as something girls love and boys use.

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90 Comments on "It Scares Animals"

Chiedza says
December 14, 2013 @ 11:01

STRAUSS Means the following: 1.BOUQUET: bunch of
Flowers that can be used as gift, so girls lover it…….2.
it means FIGHT, and we
all know that parents hates fight and even animals
. and the other answer is OTIAUSE. Otiause is an african leaf that enhances
female beauty, it’s also an aphrodisiac, so the men
like it too. But animals hate it since it attracts both
men & women to the forest, thereby causing

Dan says
December 14, 2013 @ 13:42

Thanks for the explanations.

Evans says
January 18, 2014 @ 04:31

m happy with the explanation, i have been pondering with this for two days, which it was my third day today, so thank you for helping! I love a challenge! I had told myself will keep pondering until i find the answer! Regards Evans Sipho Msiza!

sporadic says
February 8, 2014 @ 11:19

what is the great point in riddling people who do not know the a b c of german, using a german word?

Dan says
February 8, 2014 @ 11:22

I agree, but I’d already listed the riddle before I knew the answer and decided not to delete it.

kenny says
February 16, 2014 @ 17:45

Nice…dis is brain wracking

splendoz says
April 6, 2014 @ 10:49

Nice one, I love this

Reuben says
April 17, 2014 @ 07:30

Thx for teaching me a German word

Dan says
April 17, 2014 @ 14:38

You’re welcome ;)

katra says
May 25, 2014 @ 00:43

seriously I tried so hard to figure out the answer but that was so challenging thank u so much for the question and the explained anwer

azma saiful says
August 2, 2014 @ 03:11

Thanks for teaching..i love this game..

Randy Otabil says
August 12, 2014 @ 17:30

Wow…. Very Challenging… Thanks For This Challenge… Need Lots More Of This

Zamani says
September 14, 2014 @ 13:32

i love this…….

Dr Rahul says
October 29, 2014 @ 12:14

Complete this 7 letter word:
_ T _ A _S_

1. Girls love it.
2. Boys use it.
3. Parents hate it.
4. Animals are scared of it. You are brilliant if you say the answer within today….. reply me as fast as you can
You can send it to your friends to get the answer.!

shamshun says
November 13, 2014 @ 02:09

.girls love parents love
.boys use parents love
.parents hate if children go away for their love

Sorry i cant find out the answer

vidya says
December 7, 2014 @ 13:12

May i knw tha answer girl use it boys lov it bt parents hate it…

fortune says
April 6, 2015 @ 15:19

STRASSE . GERMAN WORD IT MEANS STREET. girls love it for window shopping nd boys are using it to make money nd parents hate to see their children on d street nd animals are scared of cars and so many pple on d street.

branden says
April 12, 2015 @ 01:35

tnx it was very helpful

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