Sweet Tooth

Sweet tooth, ah shoot,
All gone, we all long,
For another piece.


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Willow’s Broken Keyboard

Willow’s keyboard is acting up. The a, e, i, o and u keys don’t work and the space key is misbehaving as well. Can you decipher these common sayings they typed?


Out of sight, out of mind
Actions speak louder than words
Honesty is the best policy
Easy come, easy go

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Many and One

They are many and one,
They wave and they drum,
Used to cover a stare,
They go with you everywhere.

Your hands.

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Walking Through Paper

You have a regular sized piece of paper. How could you cut a hole in it large enough for you to walk through?

Fold the paper in half and make cuts that are almost entirely across the width of the paper. Switch between sides. When the paper is opened there will be a very large hole that you can climb through (carefully).

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All Those Legs

Two legs sat upon three legs with one leg in his lap.
In comes four legs, grabs one leg, and runs off with him.
Up jumps two legs, grabs up three legs, throws it after four legs,
and makes him bring back one leg.

Who are we?

One leg is a leg of mutton. Two legs is a person. Three legs is a stool. Four legs is a dog.

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Twice Is 99 More Than Half

What number satisfies this requirement? Twice the number is 99 more than half of the number.


2 × 66 = 132 and 132 – 66 / 2 = 99.

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In Oven But Not Baked

What must be in the oven yet can not be baked?
Grows in the heat yet shuns the light of day?
What sinks in water but rises with air?
Looks like sand, but is fine as hair?


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Reflecting on Time

When a clock’s reflection is 2:30, what is the correct time?


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Speaks Without Words

What is it that speaks without any words?
And can be loudly and distinctly heard?
Will drive away friend, and foe alike.
And is enough to make a stolid man’s face alight?


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Rodents and Owls

Find the two palindromes described below. (A palindrome is a word or phrase that’s spelled the same backwards as forwards, such as Was it a bat I saw?)
Question asked by a person afraid of rodents:

___ __ _ ___ _ ___

Said by an owl on a muggy day:

___ ___ __ ____

Was it a rat I saw?
Too hot to hoot

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