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Born In the Ocean

Born in the ocean,
White as snow,
I’m hidden in water,
Where do I go?

What am I?

Salt. Salt is harvested from seawater, it’s white and it dissolves in water.

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Midway Numbers

Select the number that is midway between the lowest number and the highest number.
Which number is midway between that number and the number that is nearest the highest number?

35  5 52 36 67
69  4 51 37 71
55 68  3 53 39


37 is midway between 3 (the lowest number) and 71 (the highest number).
53 is midway between 37 and 69 (nearest to the highest number).

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Worn By Men For Privacy

I’m an argument of why my side should win,
And worn by men for privacy.
I don’t last long if I get under your skin,
And I rhyme with a kind of misery.

What am I?

Brief (or briefs). A legal brief is a short outline of the arguments in a court case, briefs are worn by men to cover their privates. Brief also means to not last long and brief rhymes with grief, a kind of misery.

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Words With Many Faces

My letters become three faces,
One has gone to far away places,
Another sets a standard high,
The third can never be a guy.

What are the three words?

Sailed, ideals and ladies.

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A Silent Murder Witness

Emily witnessed a murder in early January but didn’t call the police. Why?

It was a murder of crows.

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Hangs Others

What hangs others yet can unintentionally hang itself?

A jury.

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A Face But No Eyes

I have a face but no eyes and hands but no arms. What am I?

A clock.

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Picking Red Balls

A bag contains 64 balls of eight different colors. There are eight of each color (including red).
What is the smallest number you would have to pick, without looking, to be sure of selecting 3 red balls?

59. The first 56 balls could all be non-red colors. If that happened, you’d have to choose from the 8 remaining balls, all of which would be red.

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Take It And You Will Lose

Take it and you will lose or gain more than all others.


(found in The Copper Gauntlet by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare)

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Seemingly Simple Math

What is the answer to this math problem:

8 ÷ 2 (2 + 2)

16 or 1, depending.

According to PEMDAS, parentheses come first: 8 ÷ 2 (4)

Then, even though multiplication is first in PEMDAS, you go left to right: 4 (4) = 16

If you got 1, you’re in good company. That’s what I got at first too but most calculators I’ve tried get 16.

I found this at Popular Mechanics and the debate continues online.

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