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In A Dark Room with a Rope and a Pencil

Imagine you are in a dark room with a locked door. All you have with you is a rope and a pencil. You can hear the rain outside, but there
are no windows. How do you get out?

Stop imagining.

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What Gives Life and Love

What gives life and love, and is there till they die?
What can hide you and find you, heal you and feed you but should never give up on you?

A mother.

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A Problem In Many People’s Lives

I am a problem in many people’s lives. At times (even more than once) I’m useful. The older I grow, the less useful I become. Who am I?

Credit or debt. Debt is a problem in many people’s lives, but in order to go to school or make a large purchase, it can be useful. As your debt grows older, it’s more unpleasant than useful.

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In Heaven But Not in Hell

I am in heaven but not in hell.
I’m in the devil but not in god.
I’m in the river but not in the sea.

What am I?

The letter “v”.

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What are the Things?

In one day, 6 things.
In one week, 4 things.
In one month, 2 things.
In one year, 1 thing.

What are the things?

Odd numbers.

In a day, there are 6 odd hours: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 (ignoring 24-hour time).

In a week, there are 4 odd-numbered days: 1, 3, 5, 7

In a month, there are 2 odd weeks: 1, 3 (no month has 5 full weeks)

And in a year’s 12 months, there is 1 odd number: 1 (the 1 of 12).

I readily agree the year one is a stretch, but I didn’t write it :)

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Together As One

I am word with six letters.
My motto is together as one.
If you remove my first and second letters, you can wear me.
If you remove my third letter I can be painful.
If you remove my second, third and sixth letters, Adam & Eve did it.
If you remove my second and third letters, you do this using your mouth.
What am I?

String. A string ties objects together. You wear a ring, a sting hurts, according to the Bible, Adam & Eve committed a sin and you sing with your mouth.

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Swallowed the Dead

I’ve swallowed the dead,
Of a torn land’s end.
And I hold the remains,
Of an unknown friend

A mansion once stood,
Where I now lay,
We honor all those
Who gave us today.

What am I?

Arlington National Cemetery, the burial place of soldiers from the United States Civil War. It also houses the tomb of unknown soldiers. General Robert E. Lee’s mansion once stood on the land that is now occupied by the cemetery. And on Memorial Day in the US, we honor all those who died while serving their country’s armed forces.

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Hurt Without Moving

We hurt without moving.
And poison without touching.

We bear truth and lies,
But are not judged by size.

What are we?


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Buried Alive and Dug Up Dead

You bury me when I’m alive, and dig me up when I’m dead. What am I?

A plant.

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Easy To Touch

You have one of me and I’m easy to touch,
I’m hard to look at, but you can in a clutch.

Yet you’re told to watch me, or get your friends’.
I’m often referred to when you make amends.

You can throw me out but not away,
I cause many pain, every day.

What am I?

Your back. You have one and it’s easy to touch but hard to look it. A common phrase is to “watch your back” and it’s common to “have your friend’s back.” When apologizing, you often want to take back what you said. You can throw out your back, but you can’t throw it away. And back pain causes people pain every day.

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