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Swallowed the Dead

I’ve swallowed the dead,
Of a torn land’s end.
And I hold the remains,
Of an unknown friend

A mansion once stood,
Where I now lay,
We honor all those
Who gave us today.

What am I?

Arlington National Cemetery, the burial place of soldiers from the United States Civil War. It also houses the tomb of unknown soldiers. General Robert E. Lee’s mansion once stood on the land that is now occupied by the cemetery. And on Memorial Day in the US, we honor all those who died while serving their country’s armed forces.

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Hurt Without Moving

We hurt without moving.
And poison without touching.

We bear truth and lies,
But are not judged by size.

What are we?


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Buried Alive and Dug Up Dead

You bury me when I’m alive, and dig me up when I’m dead. What am I?

A plant.

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Easy To Touch

You have one of me and I’m easy to touch,
I’m hard to look at, but you can in a clutch.

Yet you’re told to watch me, or get your friends’.
I’m often referred to when you make amends.

You can throw me out but not away,
I cause many pain, every day.

What am I?

Your back. You have one and it’s easy to touch but hard to look it. A common phrase is to “watch your back” and it’s common to “have your friend’s back.” When apologizing, you often want to take back what you said. You can throw out your back, but you can’t throw it away. And back pain causes people pain every day.

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Asks But Never Answers

What asks but never answers?

An owl.

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I’m Usually Quite Pleasant

I’m usually quite pleasant
As you roam and play,
But if you look into my eyes,
I’ll not look away.

Once you turn away from me,
I’ll attack if I stay dry,
Better grab a pail of water,
I’ll not stop until I die.

What am I?

An Enderman, from Minecraft.

Enderman are normally passive, but they become hostile if a player looks directly at them. The Enderman will stare back until the player looks away, and then attack the player. A bucket of water is the best way to defeat an Enderman.

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I Am What Remains

I am what remains of what
was once a living whole,
dug in deep, protruding, though,
and unobtainable.

A stump.

By Sef Daystrom

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Not Many People Understand Me

My first three letters stores things. Not many people understand me. What am I?

Binary. Bin is a storage container and binary just 1s and 0s.

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If You Lose Me

If you lose me, others around you may lose me too. What am I?

Your temper.

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Two Faces But Show You One

I have two faces, but show you one.
I once had guests, but now have none.
I’m rarely bloody and seldom blue.
I’m often promised and sometimes new.

The moon. It has two sides, but on earth we only ever see one side. Man has been on the moon, but no one is there now. A full lunar eclipse is known as a blood moon, and the phrase “once in a blue moon” refers to something that rarely happens. Promising the moon is making an extravagant or impossible promise, and there’s a new moon once every lunar cycle.

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