Blame the Couple

A married couple is traveling by bus on dangerous mountain roads. Midway through their journey the bus stops for snacks and a restroom break. The couple is enjoying the postcards in the store when the bus driver curtly tells them it’s past time to leave. Fifteen minutes after, the bus is hit by a mud slide and two people are killed. The couple blames themselves for the deaths. Why?

They blame themselves because they caused the bus to be late. If they had been on time, the bus would have already passed the location of the mud slide.

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bryanna says
July 28, 2015 @ 15:27

A couple decided to commit suicide after going through a really hard time So they decided to jump off a building when they got to the top they both counted 3 the woman jumped but the man Stayed he watched her fall for 8 second and saw her pull out a Parachute who betrayed is who

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