Aunts and Large Families

Dina comes from a large family and has over 20 cousins. How is it possible that all of her cousins have an aunt who is not her aunt?

The aunt of all of her cousins is Dina’s own mother.

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3 Comments on "Aunts and Large Families"

Ramón says
April 17, 2015 @ 19:31

Or, they could have an aunt on their other parent’s side.

Tori says
April 28, 2015 @ 22:22

Agreed. I have three cousins, all siblings. Their mother is my father’s sister. Besides my father, I have an uncle they don’t have. My mother’s brother.

Meetu says
July 19, 2017 @ 23:58

Because that’s her mother.who will be aunt to other cousins

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