A Ton of Fun

Use each clue to identify a famous person who last name ends in the letters T-O-N, like George Washington.

1. Friends star
2. Cotton Club bandleader
3. Batman and Beetlejuice lead
4. Blonde, buxom country music legend

Halfway there!

5. Steamboat developer
6. Author of The Age of Innocence
7. Found of a Kmart rival and a Club
8. She lead a news website called The (her last name) Post

1. Jennifer Aniston
2. Duke Ellington
3. Michael Keaton
4. Dolly Parton

Did you do well so far?

5. Robert Fulton
6. Edith Wharton
7. Sam Walton
8. Arianna Huffington

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Anna Schlagel says
November 13, 2019 @ 22:14

You guys need to add more country music riddles on your website.

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