A Name Kebab

A Name Kebab (something I made up) is a series of first and last names that fit together like a delicious Shish Kebab.

For example, the names Benjamin Franklin, Franklin Pierce and Pierce Brosnan form a tasty three-name kebab.

What is a five-name kebab that starts with Chris and ends with Berlin?

1. Chris Paul
2. Paul George
3. George Washington
4. Washington Irving
5. Irving Berlin

Feel free to share others in the comments.

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3 Comments on "A Name Kebab"

Waytt says
October 31, 2019 @ 16:10

This is a really fun game to play!

Mark W says
November 23, 2019 @ 17:01

As a foreigner, I found this extremely challenging; could only solve the last name!

Apart from George Washington & Irving Berlin, never heard of the rest?

Molly Wilson says
November 24, 2019 @ 19:20

My dad and I loved it. Keep the Kebab coming !!

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