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The Man in the Picture

A man is looking at a picture of a man on the wall and states, “Brothers and sisters I have none, but this man’s father is my father’s son.”

Who is the man in the picture in relation to the man looking at the picture?

The man in the picture is his son. Since he doesn’t have any brothers or sisters, the statement my father’s son is himself. A shortened version would be this man’s father is myself, so he is the father of the man in the picture.

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Gopika says
January 23, 2015 @ 05:44

the answer is son

hoova says
March 19, 2015 @ 18:05


GR says
April 20, 2015 @ 20:46

The answer is NOT the sun, but it is himself. The man is looking at a picture of himself.

Dan says
April 20, 2015 @ 22:02

Nope, it’s not himself.

francois says
April 28, 2015 @ 16:12

No he is talking about his brother. He is just saying he is poor. In other words he’s saying…. (Ladies and gentelmen I have non!) Then he talks about his father son… This mans father is my father’s son.
It’s like shake spear? Brothers and sisters! Or a black shake spear… Its like saying wuz up my brothers and sisters….

Dan says
April 28, 2015 @ 21:06

Even if he was saying he was poor, it still wouldn’t be himself. “This man’s father…”. Think about that who that is for a few minutes. Then about who your “father’s son” is if you don’t have any siblings. Then put the two together.

swathi says
June 15, 2015 @ 14:19


Dylan says
June 16, 2015 @ 04:03

If he was talking about himself. He would be saying his father is his fathers son.

Rob says
June 21, 2015 @ 14:11

Hes looking in a mirror

Rob says
June 21, 2015 @ 14:12

Its a photo of himself

Sheldon Burke says
June 24, 2015 @ 08:44

The term “and sisters” is extraneous. The answer would be the same if that term was omitted.

Dan says
June 24, 2015 @ 09:17

True, but it helps with the rhythm.

Sean says
June 29, 2015 @ 04:08

Simply put, he is talking about his half-brother. Same father, different mother; therefore, the man in the picture is his nephew.

Ciel says
July 3, 2015 @ 09:41

this is actually a good riddle :)

Jared says
July 3, 2015 @ 11:56

If I am a man with no brothers, then “my father’s son” is simply “me.”
So we can substitute that in, and we get, “That man’s father is (me).”
He’s looking at a picture of his son.

Ajeesh says
August 5, 2015 @ 08:24

He is looking at his son’s pic

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