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Look at My Face

If you look at my face you won’t see 13 in any place. What am I?

A clock face. It only has the numbers 1 through 12.

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TMC Rebus


What goes up, must come down.

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You’ll See Me When the Sun is High and Also Late at Night

You’ll see me when the sun is high and also late at night,
I’m in the songs of holidays, when the snow is white,

Kings and Queens and royalty, are all found in me,
I’m the largest of them all, with just one you see,

Step by step with pounding feet, I’m tribes of angry men,
I’m above your hands right now, for help or to go again,

You’ll use me in the kitchen, or add a little more,
I’ll be in the years to come, and the days of yore.

What am I?

Twelve (12).

Noon and midnight are both 12 o’clock and the Twelve Days of Christmas is a popular Christmas carol.

There are twelve face cards in a standard 52-card deck and twelve is the largest number with one syllable.

There are twelve steps in Alcoholics Anonymous, a troy pound is 12 ounces, there were 12 tribes of Israel and a popular movie was called, “Twelve Angry Men” (12 members of the jury). There are twelve function keys on your keyboard. F1 often shows a help screen and F5 reloads pages in your browser.

Many recipes measure items by the dozen, adding one more for a baker’s dozen. There are twelve months in a year.

It’s surprising how many times the number twelve shows up in our culture.

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Blow for Blow They Matched Each Other

Blow for blow,
they matched each other.
Neither would fall to the other.
In the eyes of the crowd,
they were this.


By Sef Daystrom

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Has a Mouth But Cannot Drink

Has a mouth,
but cannot drink.
Has a head,
but cannot think.
Has a tongue,
but not a lung.
Some are held
and some are hung.

A bell.

By Sef Daystrom

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Comes To Bedsides, Icy Bridges

He comes to bedsides, icy bridges,
battlefronts, and crumbling ridges.
When he comes, he comes alone,
taps a shoulder, then is gone.


By Sef Daystrom

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Growing Tall But Never Fat

This on this.
That on that.
Growing tall,
but never fat.

What am I?

A stack.

By Sef Daystrom

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Sometimes I Enter With a Gong

I’m a word, six letters long,
I sometimes enter with a gong.

All in order from A to Z,
I start with the letter B.

What is the word?


It has six letters, when a meditation begins they sound the gong, and the letters are in alphabetical order.

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Hear a Lot, Say a Lot

I hear a lot
And I say a lot
Few ever look for me
And even fewer ever hear me
I hide in plain sight
Whether its day or night
To help is all I want
But most like to bend me
And as if they had a wand
Never again shall anyone find me
They do this to control
Without realizing the high price of a soul
But when I’m least expected
They’d rather be protected
For there shall be no place to hide
What am I?

The truth.

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It Never Lasts Forever

You can have it
and be at it,
but it never
lasts forever.


By Sef Daystrom

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